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Hello all!

Help me PTSD just implemented this component to our website. We hope to provide useful content to trauma survivors and their families all over the world. We would love to hear from you with questions, topics to discuss and video content that you would find useful.

As we continue to grow, we are implementing innovative strategies that will bring our audience helpful tools to overcome and heal from their traumatic experience. Currently we have a variety of services that you may benefit from. Take a look at our products page to purchase our book “PTSD- Crushing Your Box”. “PTSD- Crushing your Box”  will help you understand PTSD, overcome the debilitating symptoms and gain a new perspective when coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Along with our products, we provide individual coaching that is conducted through the internet! By utilizing the internet, we have coaches work with you individually regardless of your location!

Take some time and check out our page! When you would like your story to be shared on our blog, reach out by email or simply comment below with your information and one of our associates will reach out to you!

We look forward to bringing you quality care and certified resources that will help you overcome the struggles you face. In order to do that, it would be of great help to share our page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.




Christopher Lengyel- Founder of Help Me PTSD


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