CBD and PTSD- Relief from the Symptoms- A personal Testimony

“There are a variety of ways CBD Full spectrum Hemp Oil can help alleviate or at least has helped me in my healing journey with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Christopher Lengyel Ret. Combat Veteran

Throughout this post I will discuss my own experience with the products that can be found on this site.


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It was the year 2013 and I had just been diagnosed with PTSD after a deployment to Afghanistan. Upon returning home, I started experiencing many issues to include night terrors, anxiety attacks, depression and many other well known PTSD symptoms.

While in the military, I was placed on over 14 different pharmaceutical drugs over a period of 2 years. During that time, my body began to shut down, my liver and kidneys began to have issues, stress increased, and I started freaking out just a little bit regarding my health.

See, I have three small children who need me to be in their lives for a very long time. And I want to be there for them as they grow up. Being on pharmaceuticals was looking like a 3-5 year time limit on life…..

Realizing that I needed to find a change in my current medicinal regiment, I began looking into alternative medicines to treat some of the issues I was experiencing.

It was not until a random trip to a Whole Foods Market Place where I ran into a holistic practitioner in the check-out line who very quickly recognized my anxiety level raising with the crowd in the store growing. She turned to me and talked to me for a little while and shared that she used CBD hemp oil to treat all sorts of issues.

Up until this time, I had only known about the medicinal cannabis which always seemed to be two strong or if I got certain kinds I would always have worse anxiety. She assured me that there were no psychological effects with taking CBD products and that it could potentially help my anxiety and stomach problems.

Flash forward to the present day… I have been taking 100mg of CBD hemp oil every day for the last 6 years in some form or another. Trying to find the right one that works, or that actually has CBD in it… (BTW there are companies out there that are selling snake oil with absolutely no CBD in the product what so ever).

Over time, I came across Hempful Farms Cafe in Phoenix Arizona. I found an amazing product line which you can  BUY RIGHT HERE (Paw Puddy Pet Products Link)

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The products they sell provide me with the strength of CBD I need to be able to relax my mind and my body to not only sleep better but to manage my joint pain, inflammation and a variety of other things that I personally experience with taking a measurable amount of this oil.

I enjoy supporting this company because at the core of the company the Martin Family (Owners of Hempful Farms) Truly care about the wellness of other people that are going through tough times with their health.

Lets be honest- we all know of the stories on the internet of this oil and cannabis curing cancer and all sorts of other things- believe me when I say- the internet stories are amazing to read however it is even more amazing when you personally know individuals who have healed with this oil let alone be one of the individuals who experiences the benefits every single day.

I know it can seem so surreal, or unbelievable…… Let me tell you. My life would not be the same without these types of products. The quality of life I am able to have with my pain being managed, my anxiety being managed my PTSD being managed….

is priceless!!!!!!!!

Speaking of price!!!

Did I tell you that the CBD oil at Pawpuddypetproducts.com are some of the highest strength and affordable oils on the market today? Regardless of what you want to implement into your personal daily regiment, some form of CBD is going to be healthy- choice.

Check out the video below to learn more about http://www.pawpuddypetproducts.com and know that a portion of your purchase does go to helping those in need of our services.

Use the discount code and help a trauma survivor today!

Chrsitopher Lengyel-
Owner of Help Me PTSD

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